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Step by step we are getting closer to Plastteknik Nordic

Time is ticking and we are getting closer to the fair in Malmö

It's just unbelievable how fast the weeks go by now. You are constantly reminded that spring is getting closer and closer. There are birds chirping outside the office and there is a scare in the meadow and the cranes are flying over the office. It sounds more like you're a bird watcher, but that's not the case. What I see is, as I said, that there are almost only 4 weeks left until Plastteknik Nordic in Malmö. What is happening now is preparations for materials and sacks that must be in place and some equipment must also be there.

There was also a meeting last week where the fair exhibitors were present, where it was discussed who will be lecturers at the fair. Here there will be plenty of competent people lecturing and here are some tips about who will be there. Below are some interesting speakers who will be present at Plastteknik Nordic.

Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson

Expert in circular polymers. With 35 years of experience in the polymer industry, including plastics, rubber and textiles and all combinations thereof, I now use my experience to strengthen and create polymer circularity in an international environment.

Previous companies are Trelleborg, Ansell, Trioworld and now IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. I mainly work in product and process development, in recent years with a focus on sustainability.

I have driven circularity in plastics through involvement in initiatives such as the Circular Plastic Alliance, standardization and various development projects. Standardization commitment is close to my heart and is carried out by convening international and European groups for plastic recycling.

Jonas Hagelqvist

Jonas Hagelqvist is CEO of IKEM - Innovations and Chemical Industries in Sweden, which represents 1,250 Swedish and foreign-owned companies with approximately 70,000 employees within, among other things, the plastics industry. Jonas has extensive experience in representing the Swedish plastics and chemical industry and is currently, among other things, appointed to be part of the government's electrification council.

Åsa Stenmarck

Åsa arbetar på Naturvårdsverket bland annat med Nationell Plastsamordning men även med andra plastrelaterade uppgifter så som lagstiftning och regeringsuppdrag. Åsa Har jobbat i över 20 år med resurser, material och avfall. De senaste åren har plast varit materialet i fokus.

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