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Big bags with identification and traceability

Reduce the colour of the loops of the big bags

We would like all big bags (FIBC) to be completely white and connected to RFR. This would be good, but is not always possible. We offer a chance to choose the next best alternative, loops which have a reduction of colour between 70-80%. We can offer this solution in many different colours and we are happy to help our customers to update their big bags.

The benefit of choosing a big bag with the right loops

The major benefit of choosing loops to big bags which have only 20-30% dye is that the recycled plastic from the big bag can be used in products that are not grey or black. If all big bags to be recycled are completely white they are classified as quality A. With quality A recycled plastic we can produce new, completely white big bags, which is our goal. If we can transform big bags classified as class C to be class B by reducing the amount of colour in the design of the big bag, we have already made an improvement.

Opportunity for good cooperation

It is important in our role as manufacturer to design big bags enabling the recycling process to work. The customer also needs to interact in the design process to help find better alternatives. If we all assist by making smaller improvements, we will succeed in developing better products for the market. We follow the recommendations of The Procurement Authority regarding sustainable plastic procurement. This makes it easier for the customer to get the right design from the start.

Cost benefits

One of the advantages of these loops is the economical benefit for our customers. Completely white, or mostly white loops, are much stronger in comparison to coloured loops. It is also possible to use the recycled plastic with colour for the bags, which is entirely possible for traceability in the fabric as well. We have many solutions and to be able to help you further contact us for advice.


Big bag with colour identification loops
The Cross Corner model big bag has only 20% dye in the loops. The design of the loops is unique and we follow the recommendations of the Procurement Authority for design of plastic products.
  • White loops or reduced coloured loops are cost saving.
  • White loops or reduced coloured loops result in a good plastic colour after the recycling process.
  • White loops and loops with only 20% colour are stronger and pass the tests better.
  • The possibility to use recycled plastic for colouring is available and therefore we can add recycled plastic to the loops.
  • To achieve the best results follow our recommendations for RFR.

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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