SealGuard - 100% sealed big bag with welded seams

Pioneering big bag SealGuard, manufactured of PE plastic

SealGuard big bag is a pioneering and innovative bulk packing solution customized for the storage and transport of powders and granules, primarily for pharmaceuticals, food and the needs of the chemical industry. SealGuard is developed from a totally new fabric which also enables the manufacture of big bags to be more automated. This results in a better big bag with reduced material waste, helping us in our strive for a greater sustainability in our products.

SealGuard, the perfect big bag for the recycling process

SealGuard is the perfect big bag for the recycling process and has an innovative material mixture. Because it consists of only one layer of plastic and there is no liner of LDPE to separate from the big bag, there is no degradation of the plastic.

SealGuard, the seamless big bag

SealGuard’s construction is both impermeable and seamless. A great advantage of this big bag is there is no leakage of material during transport between supplier and customer. SealGuard’s excellent qualities also apply to storage of big bags, reducing the amount of unnecessary work and costs to keep both the production and storage locations clean. 

The innovative binding process used in the manufacture of these big bags means that they are totally sealed, not requiring the need to sew in sealing tape, which is usually the procedure. The SealGuard big bag has revolutionized the big bag production. Do you wish to take advantage of a big bag that is superior to any other on the market regarding cleanliness and no loose particles in the big bag, SealGuard big bag is the solution.

Avoid moisture intrusion with SealGuard

With SealGuard you can be certain that the big bag is impervious to moisture and condensation which otherwise could damage the contents of the big bag. You can eliminate the liner and still retain an impermeable barrier.

Easier handling for customer and end customer

Big bags of only one layer make both filling and emptying much easier. There is always a risk that the liner can be twisted in a big bag. Pockets can occur in the liner where the product remains locked after emptying. From the recycling point of view, problems arise when the liner is made of PE and the big bag is made of PP. If there is residue remaining in the liner when it comes to recycling the washing of the plastic is affected. The cost of washing increases and the residual products in the water increase making the purification process unnecessarily advanced. The amount of residual products which must be filtered from the purification water increases, creating a landfill product.

Increased stability in the big bag SealGuard

SealGuard's stability increases because it has no need of sealing tape sewn into the seams. For the best possible stability we recommend a flat surface for the big bags.

Improved UV protection

The composition of the plastic for the big bag SealGuard gives better UV protection and does not break down as quickly by UV radiation. This can easily be misunderstood with the idea that sacks should decompose easily if they end up in nature. This is an outdated way of thinking. We do not expect these sacks to be decomposed by nature. The big bags will be mechanically recycled and become new products or preferably become new big bags sold as big bags from recycled material.







SealGuard is a big bag without any seams, that can be recycled.
SealGuard is a big bag without any seams, that can be recycled.
  • The SealGuard big bag is safe from leakage during transport and storage.
  • The SealGuard big bag is free from construction contamination such as loose threads or fibers from the weave.
  • No risk of moisture seeping through the SealGuard big bag’s fabric.
  • Filling and emptying of a SealGuard big bag is easy.
  • Improved stability properties in the SealGuard big bag.
  • The recycling process of a SealGuard big bag is very efficient.
  • The SealGuard big bag’s UV protection is better.
  • The SealGuard big bag’s weave is produced of PE plastic which has very good welding properties. 

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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