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  • From big bag to recycled plastic

    Plastic is an indispensable element in our everyday life. Accon Greentech AB helps you and your company to easily utilize recycled plastic from big bags. Over and over again, with our system Ready for Recyling.

  • Used big bags - as good as new

    We ensure that big bags in good condition can be recycled. Consequently we contribute to a more circular economy, for the good of the planet.
  • We supply your plastic raw material

    We supply recycled plastic raw material of the highest quality. Why use finite resources, when you can be climate smart?

Circular economy and big bags

Accon is Scandinavia's largest supplier of big bags to the industry. Now we take the next step and offer services in recycling and reusing of our own big bags and those of other suppliers.

Accon Greetech's goal is to promote a sustainable development of our planet. We wish to reduce the incineration of used big bags, which enables us to reuse the plastic as the basis of new products. We also make it possible to reuse big bags in order to reduce the strain on the environment.

Sustainable use of plastic in the Accon Group

Accon Greentech AB has developed a sustainable use of plastic that complies with the recommendations of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. View the film from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency where Åsa Stenmarck briefly describes how we together can help create a dialogue between producers and customers. By working better together we hope that we can help […]

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Recycling Cup 2020

Accon lined up with a fantastic team in the golf competition this year. We wish to thank everyone for a very good event. We are already looking forward to participating next year and hope to see you again soon.

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Solanum in Kalmar

Solanum in Kalmar has collected this years "harvest" of big bags ready for recycling. Andreas Karlsson has done a great job compressing big bags into bales and managed to get 40 bales together. Solanum succeeded very well due to the help of the instruction film on Accon Greentech's website, showing how to achieve this. We […]

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What happens this autumn?

We are up and running after the holiday break and there is going to be a lot of exciting projects at Accon Greentech AB this autumn. We have started a project manufacturing plastic pallets for our big bags. We will use the plastic from big bags to produce the plastic pallets that will later be […]

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Compress big bags for recycling

We have tested compressing used big bags that are to be recycled inside a big bag. By simple means you can compress and bind the big bags you wish to dispose of. This simple video demonstrates how you can manage this yourselves. In this way we help you get your used big bags to recycling […]

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How we handle Covid-19

Here at Accon, it is of utmost importance for us to take responsibility in the current situation, and help to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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We take our responsibility for a sustainable development. Do you?

We can only succeed if everyone takes responsibility. Let us help you get started with recycling and reusing your Big Bags. Together we can strive towards a sustainable development.
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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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