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Discover the Benefits of rPP Big Bags

Insights into the world of plastics

In the latest issue of Polymervärlden (Issue No. 2), Accon GreenTech AB takes center stage, offering exciting insights into the world of plastics. With Plastteknik Nordic just around the corner (10/5 to 11/5), now is the perfect time to explore our range of big bags that showcase the boundless creativity of rPP.

Let's dive into the details highlighted in the Polymer world report:

Why recycle big bag materials?

Recycling big bag materials isn't just a future concept; it's a reality today. At Accon, we're already ahead of the curve, delivering big bags containing up to 30% recycled content. Not only does this reduce the strain on Earth's resources, but it also prevents high-quality materials from ending up in incineration.

Ready for recycling (RFR) - our ongoing commitment

Accon is dedicated to streamlining the recycling process. We're reviewing material choices for our big bags to ensure compatibility with recycling. The key is to avoid mixed materials that hinder recycling efforts. Polyester, PVC, and ABS materials pose challenges, and we're ready to refuse bags with mixed materials to reduce CO2 emissions from futile transport efforts.

Turning recycled material into quality products

The recycled plastic granulate produced returns to our products, ensuring sustainability and quality. Collaborative projects with customers are underway as they transition to rPP in their bags, with testing and fine-tuning in progress.

Exploring new possibilities with recycled material

Our recycled material isn't limited to big bags. Some are used for plastic pallets at Accon SRS AB. We're also eager to engage with injection molding companies and explore opportunities for 3D printing applications. If you're interested, we have test quantities available.

Reviving the concept of bag reconditioning

While disposable bags have become the norm, Accon GreenTech AB offers customers the option of reconditioning large bags.

We're excited to share these advancements and invite you to explore the world of rPP big bags. Sustainability and innovation await, and Accon GreenTech AB is your partner on this exciting journey."

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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