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Closing the loop

Recycling big bags

Plastic is an essential element in our daily lives. Accon Greentech is here to assist your company in easily incorporating recycled plastic from big bags into your operations, closing the loop by recycling these big bags into new ones.

Plastic products

Some plastic products are not suitable for reuse and are instead converted into energy-rich fuel through a process known as "energy recovery." Other everyday items, such as plastic bottles for mineral water or soft drinks, are made from recycled plastic.

Plastic products that don't fit the energy recovery or reuse categories can be recycled through material recycling. This means that end-of-life plastic products are repurposed to manufacture new items or contribute to energy recovery. The plastic packaging in recycling bins can be recycled and used to produce new products like artificial turf and car bumpers.

Numerous companies and organizations continually strive to enhance material recycling. Technologies and methods for collecting and sorting plastic waste are continuously advancing to gather as much usable material as possible.

Recycled plastic material

Used big bags can be either reused or recycled. Accon Greentech ensures that big bags used for classified goods are directed away from the recycling process and instead contribute to energy production. Big bags without hazardous materials are not incinerated but recycled. We offer our customers recycled plastic material in the form of PP from big bags and deliver this product in new big bags made of virgin plastic tailored to your specific requirements.

Customized closed loops - tailored solutions for you

Our cutting-edge closed-loop recycling system is the perfect solution for your used Big Bags. Our unique process allows us to transform the raw material extracted from your used FIBCs into new high-quality recycled Big Bags.

Accon Greentech AB is dedicated to helping you and your customers close the recycling loop by recycling big bags into new ones.



Instructions for recycling

Here we present instructions for recycling our products.
To the instructions
Plastic granulate from Big Bags
Detaljer i nya bilmodeller kan tillverkas av plast från återvunna storsäckar.
PP-plastic from Big Bags can be used in the car industry

Recycling, step by step

How it works 

Unique identity

We create a unique code to give the big bag an identity.
This is only possible for big bags delivered by Accon.


The unique identity gives the big bag traceability ensuring that the correct raw material has been used and the plastic does not contain incorrect additives - all in order to maximize recyclability. In this way the big bag has a greater value to the first user knowing it can always be recycled correctly. This is only possible for big bags delivered by Accon.

Added value

The big bag is given an added value from last delivery to last user, provided that a functional deposit return system is available for the plastic. This is only possible for big bags delivered by Accon.


Balers help customers to press bales to a dimension compliant with efficient logistics managing, so as not to affect the environment with unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Efficient transport

We ensure that transports to recycling facilities that tear, wash and make plastic granules of the big bags are not unnecessarily long.

Recycling flow

A recycling flow is adapted to give used big bags new life, always in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Finished materials

At the end of the process the final material is produced as plastic granules (beads, flakes etc).

Different products

Plastic granules can be used as raw material for manufacturing various products in countless uses and industries or for producing new recycled big bags.

We are a member of:

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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