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Production facilities with safe, sustainable, and good working conditions

Reconditioning of big bags

Reconditioning means the empty big bags are collected at our customers' locations.

The big bags are then transported to facilities for cleaning, inspection, and - if necessary - repair. Finally, the big bags are returned to the customer or stored at our warehouse for call-off, according to agreement.

We offer our customers' end users advice to reduce transport costs, for example, through staff training and the correct use of palletizing systems to collect empty big bags.

The production facilities meet the highest safety requirements (including ATEX, explosion-protecting systems), the environment (no pollution), and working conditions.

According to official authorities, residual products are removed sustainably during the reconditioning process. This guarantees a safe and sustainable reuse of our customers' packaging materials.

Your advantages

Reuse of packaging materials.
Reduced packaging costs.
Reduce your packaging waste.
Extra service for your customers.
High quality of the reconditioning process guarantees safe reuse of big bags.
Fast delivery.

Advantages end user

No cost for removal of residual products.
No collection costs.
Minimum storage capacity is required due to frequent collections.
Palletizing systems that can be bought, rented or leased.
Staff training in the use of palletizing systems.

We are a member of:

Accon Greentech is a member of RISE
Accon Greentech is a member of Ã…tervinningsindustrierna
Accon Greentech is a member of SPIF
We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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