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Black and light green mix of PP polypropylene

High-quality rPP material from production waste

This rPP raw material is derived from the production waste of our big bags manufacturing in Estonia. It's a durable plastic granulate, packaged in eco-friendly big bags made from recycled PP polypropylene from big bags.

Why choose our recycled plastic raw material?

Our recycled plastic granulate supports your environmental targets. We provide CO2 calculations and life cycle analyses to demonstrate how our material contributes to your sustainability goals.

Effortless transition to eco-friendly big bags

Switching to our rPP Big Bags is an uncomplicated process guided by our experience. These bags, comparable in quality and reliability to those made from virgin materials, are thoroughly tested and certified, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free adoption of a more sustainable packaging solution.

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Article number WO400010
Packaging Big Bag
Dimensions H: 195 cm, W:110 cm L: 110 cm
Shipping weight 1100 kg
Location Riga Latvia
Commercial terms FCA
Supply 2917 kg
MFI 8,3
Price Ask for an offer
Återvunen PP polypropen

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

Accon Greentech AB is a part of Accon Group AS.
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