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Gray and green plastic raw material - rPP from 1 loop Big Bags

Very good quality of rPP from homopolymer

This raw material of rPP is produced from Big Bags with one loop and light fabric. In this case, recycling is done on FIBC that are new, which gives an incredibly good quality to the material. If you are looking for a safe product where cleanliness is sensitive, this article is the best you can find on the market from recycled raw materials. The material is a plastic granulate that we pack in our big bags, which are made from recycled PP polypropylene from big bags.

Why choose recycled plastic raw material?
This recycled plastic granulate can give you improved opportunities to achieve the environmental goals in your sustainability work. We offer Co2 calculations and life cycle analyses, which can provide you with facts about how our recycled plastic raw material helps to achieve your sustainability goals.

Another alternative to improvements in sustainability work is to switch to Big Bags produced by rPP. Taking the step to start buying large bags from rPP may feel like a challenge. In most cases, it is not that complicated and here, with the help of our long knowledge of large bags, we can help you switch over to an rPP. All tests and certificates are linked to rPP big bags just like with big bags produced from virgin raw material.

Welcome to contact us to know more about this.

Article number WO400019
Packaging Big Bags
Dimensions H: 195 cm, W:110 cm L: 110 cm
Shipping weight 1100 kg
Location Riga Latvia
Commercial terms FCA Riga
Supply 21 823 kg
MFI 5,45
Price Ask for an offer
Plastgranulat från storsäckar med en ögla

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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