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Accon offers balers

With a baler you can easily compress bags which then can be sent to Accon Greentech AB, where we arrange for the plastic to be recycled. We can provide balers in different sizes according to your volumes. The baler can be used for corrugated cardboard and other soft materials.

Easy to get started

Our balers are ideal for businesses with medium to large quantities of plastic and where a little more pressing force is required. The baler produces compact and heavy bales which are the right size for EUR pallets and meet all the requirements of the EN16500 standard. Thanks to the wide and deep throw-in opening, it is possible to fill the baler with big bags and the automatic bale eject system makes the baler safe and easy to handle. The balers are driven by a compressor, making it easier to handle and enables you to get started quickly. We also supply a compressor that is suitable for the baler.

Leasing, hiring and servicing

Our balers can be hired or we can arrange a leasing agreement. It is also possible to choose a service agreement where we service your baler at intervals based on how much the machine is used and the environment where the baler is located.

Vertical hydraulic baler for big bags
Vertical hydraulic baler for big bags
  • Presses big bags, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, plastic and other soft materials
  • Mechanical fail-safe function with double locking mechanisms
  • Low noise level and no risk of oil leakage
  • Easy and safe bale eject system
  • New EN16500 safety features
  • Automatic eject system
  • No electrical components

We are a member of:

Accon Greentech is a member of RISE
Accon Greentech is a member of Återvinningsindustrierna
Accon Greentech is a member of SPIF
We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

Accon Greentech AB is a part of Accon Group AS.
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