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Accon plastic pallets

With Accon plastic pallets, we offer products based on materials that come from recycled plastic products. We can also offer plastic pallets that include other recycled plastic material helping to improve the quality of the product. Example of these are wood fibers or cellulose that are mixed with the plastic. In this way you can achieve properties that give the customer a product of a better quality or reduce the cost of the product.

Development at Accon Greentech

Accon Greentech AB works hard to manufacture products with improved properties. This gives a customer a product with high sustainability. A good example of this is the product DuraSense, a mixture of plastic and wood fiber. Accon Greentech AB's service helps the market to recycle used big bags. These big bags work perfectly together with wood fiber, becoming DuraSense. We achieve full traceability of the material and the product can be recycled again and become a new product containing the same type of material. It is important not to reduce the value in the chain of the product, resulting in deterioration of properties of the material during recycling. When you as customer choose Accon Greentech AB, you achieve full traceability of the product. Our goal is always to work with RFR (Ready For Recycling) which means that we do not mix products that later destroy the new product. Certain plastics can not be mixed. If this happens you can ruin an entire container or truck load of good materials. The only remaining alternative is incineration or chemical recycling. It is significantly better to be able to recycle the plastic by mechanical recycling, incineration or chemical recycling is always the second alternative.

Practice what you preach

We practice what we preach at Accon and use plastic pallets manufactured in accordance with RFR (Ready For Recycling). Our big bags are delivered on plastic pallets, which can be returned if the customer chooses to use our returnable pallets. In this way, we can make a small impression on the environment and our CO2 emissions are reduced by choosing to work with a pallet that runs in a return system. The advantage of this system is that we get damaged pallets in return, enabling us to enter the pallet into a new recycling process. The damaged pallet becomes a new pallet of the same material. We are thankful and proud to be able to close the cycle.

Plastic pallets which are manufactured from PP of big bags.
Plastic pallets which are manufactured from PP of big bags.
  • På Accons hemsida finner ni ett stort sortiment av plastpallar som finns i olika storlekar.
  • De flesta pallarna som vi presenterar på Accons hemsida kan tillverkas med mixade material och kan på så vis bli en kompositpall.
  • Ni finner också exportpallar som kan produceras enligt RFR (Redo för recycling).
  • Söker ni en lättviktspall som ska användas som engångspall så finns det alternativ att välja på under lättviktspallar.

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Accon Greentech is a member of RISE
Accon Greentech is a member of Återvinningsindustrierna
Accon Greentech is a member of SPIF
We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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