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Ready For Recycling (RFR)

New system for specification

Accon has developed a system that is linked to a program that helps us make specifications for our bags more recyclable-friendly. The system is called RFR and is about to be certified in order to be standardized. Our article system will be updated to make it easier for the team making specifications. We are working towards having white loops and white seams on our big bags as standard. The material for big bags is going to be 100% polypropylene.

Is it still possible to use colours?

When the customer requires coloured loops for their packaging for traceability via colour codes, we find a solution together with our customer for a loop that is 70% white and 30% coloured. The purpose of the coloured loop remains, but the product has been significantly improved environmentally through this alteration. If you require coloured components or print on the big bags you deviate from RFR, but improvements can still be achieved.

Contact us and we will find a solution together.

Is it only big bags that are linked to RFR?

No, absolutely not, we see this as something that can be used in most manufacturing industries. If you follow SPIF Bra plastförpackningar SPIF describes this in general, but RFR is the routine we use internally to ensure that we live up to the market requirements.

We have pallets of recycled plastic and we make sure that the recycled plastic can easily be recycled again. Having traceability in the materials means that some of Accon's items of plastic pallets and boxes easily find their way back into recycling, and the raw material returns to its origin. With these routines we ensure that the plastic has as long a life as possible and our product receives the RFR identification.

At Accon we are happy to help our customers with RFR, Ready For Recycling products.
At Accon we are happy to help our customers with RFR, Ready For Recycling products.

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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