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The big bag is a fantastic bulk packaging product that with low weight and at a low cost can carry up to 2000 kg with a safety factor of 6:1.

Up until now our society has handled the big bag as a disposable packaging, which is consumed quickly and in most cases the plastic ends up in an incineration process. Accon Greentech AB is reversing this trend by offering our customers a solution where the plastic from the big bags goes to mechanical recycling and becomes new products.

Reduce the amount of colour in the material of the big bag

Challenges we face are to get as clean bags as possible and to get a large number of big bags pressed into the same bale. Another challenge is the flexibility of the big bags and that they are tailor-made to the customer's requirements. What we want to achieve is to reduce the amount of colours of seams, loops and print to get a product as white as possible. We work towards RFR (Ready For Recycling) to the highest degree, but this is not always possible as you need colour codes to identify the content of the bags.

Our solution to this is to reduce the amount of colour, for instance by changing the colour of the seams to white. If the loop today is blue, we can make it, but it will still be identifiable. At Accon we work with completely white loops as standard and when a customer requests a coloured loop, it will still be possible to reduce the amount of coloured material by 70%.

Feel free to look at SPIF connection to Good plastic packaging, which we use ourselves as a manual to improve the design of our big bags. Bra plastförpackningar


How to define sustainability of big bags

In theory it is correct to strive for only one quality of plastic for all big bags but other parameters must also be considered. If the quality of the content of the bag is reduced due to the use of a monobarrier in the inner bag, it is not a sustainable idea. To lose the qualities found in an EVOH liner or an aluminum liner results in reduced sustainability.

Accon Greentech AB provides its customer with guidance to find the correct material combination for big bags to suit the customer's product.

We are able to help with tests where we can evaluate whether you can choose a better alternative of barrier for liners in big bags. We also offer training for end customers and users to develop their skills, for example how to separate the liner and the outer bag when the big bag is emptied.

Design and options for big bags

We strive to work with as smart packaging as possible and Accon Greentech AB wishes to be your consulting partner. There are many clever design solutions for big bags and we would like to look at them together with you. Do you or your suppliers use a big bag that is not designed to be sustainable? Does it look the way it does because the manufacturing equipment is adapted for big bags created 20 years ago? There are many questions and we want to help you find the answers. Contact Accon Greentech AB for help in developing the smartest packaging for now.

Shape-stable big bag on a plastic pallet with removable label to improve recycling.
Shape-stable big bag on a plastic pallet with removable label to improve recycling.
  • The big bag is a bulk packaging that can be manufactured in desired dimensions up to 3 cubic metres.
  • Big bags have a safety factor up to 2000 kg with a factor of 6:1.
  • A big bag can be customized for efficient transport and manufactured to the specification of the pallet. The right dimension of the big bag results in less emissions due to the efficient use of space during transport.
  • Big bags are very kind on the environment, using very little material for loading large weights.
  • Remember to review your big bag, and if possible, make sure it is made of 100% polypropylene. Accon can supply big bags with an inner bag of polypropylene. If you are uncertain of what material your big bag is made of, contact us and we will help you check the specifications.
  • Choosing to change to big bags which can be used in a return system is possible when cooperating with Accon Greentech AB.

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We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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