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Here we present our products RFR - Ready For Recycling - and equipment that can be helpful for your recycling. To help you cope with everyday life we can provide the aids to get you started.

Accon Greentech AB is here to assist you. Contact us for the opportunity to develop good routines of getting big bags into mechanical recycling. Below we present a number of products that are approved in connection with RFR. To view our full assortment of products, go to our website Accon.

SealGuard is a big bag without any seams, that can be recycled. SealGuard - 100% sealed big bag with welded seams
SealGuard, an innovative big bag adapted to meet the needs of the future
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Big bag with colour identification loops Big bags with identification and traceability
It is easy to identify the content of this big bag.
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At Accon we are happy to help our customers with RFR, Ready For Recycling products. Ready For Recycling (RFR)
Ready For Recycling (RFR) is our system, developed to help customers return plastic to the mechanical recycling process.
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Vertical hydraulic baler for big bags Baler
With a baler that compresses bigs bags, you solve the logistics.
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Shape-stable big bag on a plastic pallet with removable label to improve recycling. The big bag
The big bag is a product of very high performance and low weight. Here you will have an opportunity to be involved and influence a better recycling of plastic from big bags.
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Plastic pallets which are manufactured from PP of big bags. Plastic pallets
With an Accon plastic pallet, you get a product based on materials coming from recycled plastic products. We can also offer plastic pallets which include other recycled products helping to improve the quality of the pallet.
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Accon Greentech is a member of RISE
Accon Greentech is a member of Återvinningsindustrierna
Accon Greentech is a member of SPIF
We are working for a sustainable development with reduced climate impact, by reusing and recycling big bags for the industry. 

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